Ben Yalow's links

This is a collection of miscellaneous links. It's a subset of the stuff I keep in my bookmark file, so it should give you some idea of what sorts of things I'm interested in.

SF related

Computer stuff

I've been involved with computers since I first started using them in the mid-60s. In my last full-time job, I was the primary network designer for connectivity to the Internet. A few useful references on computers and the Internet would include the following:

Military History

I've been a hobbyist studying military history for a number of years, now. For those interested in that, here are a few possible places to start.

News sources

Tied in with my interest in history is being a news junkie. And the Internet had really helped that addiction. An increasing number of news sources are now available online.

Misc stuff

And here's a collection of lots of stuff I find interesting, amusing, useful, strange, .... Nothing the falls into the earlier categories, but I keep it aound anyhow. I'm not bothering to include links to search engines, since there are already lots of those links around.
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